An effective private communication platform that connects the community members to form a private social network and engages them with attractive event communication on a wide spectrum of activities that maintaining great relationship between the association and members for a successful partnership.
2 female guests and a male guest chating in an event

Build genuine connections
in your professional network

vector art represents the genuie connections with persons in various groups of an organization
Smoothly organize events with the use of a dedicated communication platform to facilitate better communication and networking among participants.


icon of collaboration
  • Coordinate event logistics with internal staff, exhibitors, and other relevant parties
  • Arrange the delivery of exhibition booths (physical and virtual) with exhibitors and providers
  • Share event rundown and relevant information

During Event

icon of instant messaging between two persons
  • Announce important notice and event updates
  • Provide immediate assistance by instant chats
  • Keep exhibitors engaged with various on-going and up-coming activities


icon of post event mangement
  • Share highlights (photos, videos) to ensure full engagement
  • Gather feedback by sending and collecting e-surveys
  • Send appreciation messages

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two fire-fighters working on the fire site
Government and Public Services
zoom view of a person holding a portable device with bar chart data in front of a computer screen showing pie charts and bar charts
Banks and Financial Institutions
vector art of using TeamNote as the super-connector for systems such as internet apps, database, network drive, tranet, website & social media sites, legacy systems & email
Food & Beverage
a zoom of a man holding an umbrella cover the paper cut of a house, car and family illustrates the insurance concept
a tally clerk working in a warehouse