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It's no secret that the world of business is evolving rapidly. To stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals, companies must embrace the latest IT trends. One of the most exciting trends is the use of ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model that can revolutionize the way businesses operate and reshape the future of industries.
Booking office workspace is one of the most common administrative tasks that cost your employees time and effort. By streamlining the booking process, you can significantly reduce admin work and increase employees’ workplace satisfaction. Our facility booking system - TeamReserve allows your employees to place recurring bookings, create custom permission, set booking policies and more....
We are honoured to be the exhibitor in the I&T Solution Expo 2022 co-organised by Efficiency Office and Hong Kong Science Park. Thank you for selecting TeamNote as one of the speakers and our Vice President - Keith Tsa to present our solutions on stage. We are pleased to showcase and introduce TeamNote to government...
In construction project management, it can be hard to keep track of multiple teams and projects. Contractors need flexible, reliable, and cloud-based software that streamlines and simplifies workflows to save them time and money onsite. With TeamWorkflow’s all-in-one solution, bring stakeholders together and get a bird’s-eye view of all tasks. Connect owners, contractors, engineers, architects,...
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Whether your goal is to drive performance or achieve compliance with frameworks or corporate policies, you need an effective mechanism to identify skill gaps, administer training, and measure effectiveness. TeamNote’s Training Management solution enables you to access, track and report on employee’s training and certifications in one central and secure platform. Automate repetitive tasks and...
Digital transformation is leading across industries for business processes and systems improvement on collaboration and communication. Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint has compelled public sectors to reconsider their duties, business processes, and collaborative arrangements. To ensure the long-term viability and alignment of smart government initiatives, here is how TeamNote can help facilitate.
你正在使用甚麼通訊方式和團隊進行遠程工作 (Remote Working)? 企業員工越來越依賴移動信息平台進行業務通信和協作,然而,這些免費的通信軟件存在威脅,影響公司的數據安全和完整性,給企業帶來了更高的技術風險。TeamNote 的安全通信(Secure Communication) 及數據管理技術,全面地協助企業安排及確保員工利用遙距方式如常工作,大大提升生產力。
推動企業數位轉型,不但要確保資訊安全,企業還需要改善資源可及性以及員工的工作體驗。TeamNote多合一的協作平台 (Digital Workplace),擁有靈活的系統集成 (Super-Connector),能全面地管理公司各種系統。協助企業實現多合一的虛擬工作體驗。
在資訊科技年代,即時通訊程式如 Whatsapp、Signal 和微信已逐漸輔助商務及工作上溝通的模式。但對於金融機構來說,溝通軟件必須達到企業水平的安全標準,因此禁止使用這些免費而未經授權的即時通訊應用程式,迫使員工繼續通過電子郵件等效率較低的渠道進行溝通,大大減低員工的工作效率。
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