Banks and Financial Institutions

Instant messenger is a more effective tool than email. However, not maintaining a record of messages or files sent or received through messaging apps puts your organization at cyber risks.

Implementing compliant instant messaging software for business conversation among employees from different departments, branches and global offices ensures the safety of confidential information transmission.


Secure and privately-owned

  • Accessible for administrator approved users only
  • Comply with Hong Kong Association of Banks’ BYOD guideline
  • Bank vault grade encryption (AES-256) for transmitting and saved messages
  • Remotely control user accounts of lost devices and/or with suspicious activities
  • Watermark and audit log

Real-time conversations

  • Companies’ dedicated instant messaging app for business communication
  • Enable quick email response by integrating internal email system for interacting with external parties
  • Stay up-to-date with corporate news and announcements
  • Remote access to corporate resources securely

Management and Information hub

  • Synchronize corporate network via AD integration
  • Reduce the manual effort of monitoring, authentication and authorization
  • Enable admin to share corporate news, announcements, documents to users
  • Dashboard to view and analyze user activities
  • Digitally connect and engage employees

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