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More companies engage in digital transformation in response to a distributive workforce, high cost of office-space and availability of enabling technologies. A workplace, either a physical office or a virtual digital workplace is expected to provide optimal conditions for productivity, enhance employee health and well-being, and function as a secure centralized platform for accessing and sharing company data and assets. TeamNote is the ultimate tool to boost employee experience and corporate culture through communication, collaboration, engagement, integration and data.

The latest update of TeamNote empowers hybrid work to make your experience better than ever. 

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Business Management & Digital Transformation

Digital business management is now a standard embraced by industries in order to survive the fast-growing changes in the world of commerce. While going through a digital transformation process, businesses need to focus on processes that help their teams to work more quickly, and more effectively. TeamNote supports digital transformation by providing a secure digital workplace, riskier activities are fully separated from secure corporate data, so your team can work wherever it suits them, and on the device of their choice.

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IT Consultancy and Tailor Made Service

Whether you are looking for initial consultation, or an IT manager with an in-house team looking for further expertise and resource or guidance, our IT professional will work with you alongside to fulfil your requirement. Talk with our representative about tailor made service. We plan, design and implement IT projects with a full-service package of assistance that best achieves your people and organizational needs.

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TeamResrve allows an user to book a room remotely through mobile device

Connecting your Employees, Resources, and Technology in One Place

TeamReserve empowers employees and facility managers to plan, implement and monitor a coordinated use of resources. It makes your employees’ work day run smoother and easier by offering a flexible and comprehensive reservation solution which helps you manage bookings for all types of rooms and resources. A streamlined booking system that supports your employees to collaborate efficiently.

TeamReserve connects with IOT sensors to monitor the real-time activites of the users

Optimizing your workplace utility using TeamReserve IoT Integration

By integrating IoT sensors that measure the actual use of workstations and meeting rooms, employees can automatically collect real-time space utilization data to optimally manage and improve the workplace.

TeamNote acts as a super-connector for different systems & devices of a company

Everything in one place via TeamNote Super-Connector

System integration is becoming increasingly significant for business evolution and progress. Having a centralized systems network helps to increase productivity, improve efficiency and add value to customers. In order to manage various systems in a comprehensive manner, an all-in-one solution platform is necessary. With a minimum few lines of code, TeamNote’s Super-Connector brings together the subsystems into one to act as a coordinated management platform ensures employees have seamless access to necessary designated information through effortless SSO.

Thank you so much for supporting us in 2021. We’re looking forward to continuing working with you in 2022!


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