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photo of Mr. Roy Law at the HKTDC HK Startup Society Promotional Banner
Lessons from Silicon Valley: Do you really understand your users? In 2014, after receiving investment from notable US startup accelerator Y Combinator, a group of six from TeamNote was given a four-month training opportunity in Silicon Valley.
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McDonald shared their positive user experience with “McPlace” app powered by TeamNote! McDonlad’s employees can easily obtain company updated news, training information, and even learn how to make fries by using “McPlace “app. It successfully imposes employee engagement and helps the company adapt the digital transformation in the new normal. TeamNote can seamlessly integrate all the existing...
Photo of TeamNote's founder Mr. Roy Law
“Love and Share What You Create”TeamNote and ZEROZONE founder Roy Law was interviewed by 港故仔. He talked about his entrepreneurial story and the reason of starting Zerozone. He encourages everyone in the industry to share and help each other, so that it can grow together and become stronger!
Photo of TeamNote's founder Mr. Roy Law
TeamNote founder Roy Law was interviewed by Kongstories to talk about his entrepreneurial story. Click inside to see more!
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TeamNote is one of the 20 hottest startups 2016 featured in Hong Kong Business.
Photo of TeamNote's founder Mr. Roy Law
  TeamNote Workplace collaboration tools are growing in popularity around the world. But the services can be difficult to use for those who aren’t technologically savvy, says Roy Law, the 41-year-old co-founder of Hong Kong startup TeamNote.His company’s solution: a simpler, easier-to-use tool for employees who spend their days in the field, such as real-estate...
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  TeamNote | Hong Kong TeamNote has created an app designed specifically for mobile-first, enterprise chat. It’s not available for download on iTunes or in Google Play – companies add new users by sending out links or manually deploying the app out. As for features besides chat, there is polling , task assignment, and training modules...
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  Y Combinator -backed TeamNote is building an enterprise communication app that isn’t so much focused on the team, but on helping home base get important information to and from workers in the field. Unlike many of its classmates at the Mountain View-based accelerator, TeamNote  isn’t being developed by a couple of Millennials fresh out of college. Rather, they’re an...
TeamNote Research & Development Team
  With Slack reaching an estimated valuation of US$1 billion and HipChat resting cozily in the arms of its acquirer Atlassian, enterprise chat remains a field that looks ripe for ambitious startups to grow in. One such company is TeamNote, a Hong Kong-based firm that’s currently wrapping up its time in Y Combinator (Disclosure: Y Combinator is an investor in...