Deskless Workers

Mobile frontline workplace with powerful remote team tools help building strong relationships with frontline teams with frequent and transparent communications. Engage employees even if they don’t have a work desk and company email.
a staff at the cashier terminal
TeamNote is used in mobile phone to connect hybrid team so manager, business executive, project assistant and CEO are communicate smoothly.
  • Reach employees on their mobile phones whether they are on shop floors, out on the field, or on the road
  • Utilize mobile technology to eliminate communication barriers
  • A centralised hub for authentic information sharing
  • Regular engagement makes deskless workers feel part of a team
  • Fast and seamless access to managers, company policies, and relevant information

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a male business executive
Leadership Communication
two business executives discussing business
Internal Marketing and Branding
zoom side view of a hand holding a tablet with another hand sliding on the screen while the background is icon of a lock and IC circuit that illustrates the concept of secure communication
Secure Communication
a female engineer talk with her mobile phone on the site
Remote Worker
two construction workers at the construction site
Contractor Communication
zoom shot of a man holding a mobile in an event
Event Communication