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Managing a hybrid workplace with an increasingly distributive workforce and huge amount of data from various systems of the organization is a very complex task. TeamNote provides administrators with a centralized administrative panel help managing all aspects of the digital workplace or collaboration platform easily. This centralized admin panel allows administrators to track data, manage user activity, and view performance in one single area even they are managing multiple teams in multiple locations. Therefore, corporate admin can take control of users accessibility, manage all of the users permissions conveniently to meet your company’s needs.

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Access Control and Permission Management

Admins can manage what a user is allowed to see and do in TeamNote by controlling the access of content, data, and features. Giving administrators the ability to control user access, remote wipe capabilities and organize users into teams.

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Unify business analytics and create deeper insight

Provide interactive visualization and customizable business intelligence tools for data analysis. Share meaningful insights with an easy to use interface of real-time reports and dashboards.

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Track activities with Audit Trail

Users can view, edit and manage all reservations and set a recurring meeting to be used at any time. They will receive in-app and email confirmation and reminder notification for the booking. Admin can gain important resource insights and data by each of the reservations.

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Get Actionable Insights

Admin Panel’s dashboard allows admin to analyze data across the entire platform. Improve transparency by viewing message statistics, news engagement rates, daily active data and more. Gain a better understanding of user activities.

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Real-time Visibility and Server Monitoring

TMonitoring server status helps in identifying other performance related issues like resource utilization, platform downtime and response time. Administrators can check real-time status to monitor service performance and prevent software downtime.

Gain full visibility into performance and take complete control over platform management and user administration with TeamNote’s admin panel.

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