TeamNote builds a remote workplace for hybrid working team

Are you ready to make the move to transform your hybrid working operation with TeamNote, a truly powerful all in one digital workplace? Omicron pandemic has forced many HK companies to implement the team collaboration of in-office and remote working workforce. The speed up of workforce hybridisation has makes many to rethink how to implement their hybrid working models more effectively. It is not just an issue of survival but can acquire solid competitive edges against your peers with the right move.


Be Secure Anywhere On Any Device

TeamNote in PC & Mobile acts as a secure digital workplace anywhere.

Work from Home (WFH) policy is trending amongst organizations. Adapting a compliant messaging software can ensure the safety of confidential information transmission. Gain more visibility and control over your digital workplace with our TeamNote app.

Accessible for administrator approved users only
Accessible for Administrator Approved Users only
BYOD guideline of Hong Kong Association of Banks
Comply with Hong Kong Association of Banks’ BYOD guideline
Bank vault grade encryption (AES-256) for transmitting and saved messages
Bank vault grade encryption (AES-256) for transmitting and saved messages
Detection of potential security beach activities
Remotely control user accounts of lost devices and/or with suspicious activities
audit log icon
Watermark and audit log
ISO 27001 compliance icon
ISO 27001 compliance

Simplified Remote Communication

vector art shows TeamNote for remote communicate among team members

To remove communication obstacles raised by remote employees, a designated tool for business communication comes in essential. With TeamNote, you can create dedicated communication channels, chat with your team members in real-time, and manage all the project-related conversations seamlessly. 

Reach employee anytime anywhere
Reach employees anytime and anywhere
TeamNote mobile technology improve communication
Utilize mobile technology to eliminate communication barriers
TeamNote as centralized hub for login and authentication
A centralized hub for authentic information sharing
regular engagement - icon
Regular engagement makes workers feel part of a team
fast and seamless access to document icon
Fast and seamless access to company policies, and relevant information
real time update icon
Real time update on work progress

All-in-one Digital Workplace


TeamNote is more than just a collaboration tool. It is an all-in-one digital workplace that helps workers in streamlining processes, managing cases, automating repetitive tasks, and more. It helps remote employees to connect with co-workers easily and always stay in the loop.

employee access to integrated app icon
Enable employees access to multiple integrated applications in one app via SSO
corporate news updating icon
Regularly update corporate news to enhance culture internalization
systemize repetitive workflow icon
Systemise repetitive workflow and configurable to corporate needs
record keeping icon
Record keeping and tracking
filling e-form icon
e-Form filling & data synchronization
real time on-site report icon
Real-time on-site reporting via case management module
Transform your workplace with TeamNote, and create an agile, collaborative , secure digital workplace now!

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