Empower Your Event Management and Communication with TeamNote

Empower Your Event Communication with TeamNote

Having TeamNote on-hand during your event gives a level of reassurance and security. This powerful mobile event apps provides real-time communication and update, your team and participants are empowered to take action and make better and smarter decisions – before, during, and after the event. With TeamNote for event management, you would never feel hosting a business event daunting and making it successful would never be a challenge anymore.

Encourage Internal Collaboration

TeamNote provides a central place for staffs, exhibitors, and other relevant parties to share information along the way. By using the dedicated communication channel, your participants always know where to find the right files and how to get ahold of partners. It keeps communication and collaboration organized.

Enhance Communication

TeamNote is a great place for participants to exchange information and communicate. Except one-to-one chat and group chat, users can also utilize whisper in group, announcement group, and instant mobile calling functions for better communication. Participants can talk to the right person and get their questions answered quickly; receive important notice and event update right away

Foster Engagement

Wrap up your events and collect valuable feedback from your participants with TeamNote. It provides a platform for your guests to voice out digitally by sending e-surveys, questionnaire and appreciation messages. Increase engagement and build a strong relationship with various parties for a better event in the future.

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