Enterprise Messaging for Finance & Banking Industries

Enterprise messaging, especially for personnels in bank and financial institutions, may not be feasible secure communication channel without using a compliant messaging app. Although instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Signal and WeChat have emerged as preferred ways for business communication, banks and financial institutions are prohibited from using the consumer instant messaging apps, forcing employees to communicate via less efficient channels like email and reducing collaboration.

Compliant Messaging App replaces Traditional Working Mode

Use of unauthorised messaging apps has long been an issue for financial institutions. However, the pandemic and the subsequent necessity to implement work from home arrangements have forced financial institutions to reconsider their traditional form of working. TeamNote provides employees with a compliant messaging platform built to meet the financial sector’s unique needs. Through TeamNote, you can configure your digital workspace according to your own policies and stay in control of your data. Companies can build the designated digital platform by customizing corporate theme colour, messaging features, workflow modules, and more.  

– Designated app name, logo, and colour theme
– Choose deployment method and data storage
– Stay in control of your company data
– Create custom messaging features
– Systematic workflow modules
– Support integration with internal or third-party systems

All-in-one Accessibility replaces Decentralized Platforms 

Drive digital transformation in the finance and banking industries with flexible system integration to improve resource accessibility, work experience and information security. Organizations can utilize Super-Connector to integrate systems including company’s email, website, Learning Management System, and more. Employees can easily access multiple corporate resources with single sign-on in TeamNote to achieve all-in-one virtual working experience.  

– Seamless access to integrated systems such as LMS, HRMS, Intranet etc
– Effortless SSO
– Enable quick and secure email communication by integrating internal email system 
– Stay up-to-date with corporate news and announcements
– Synchronize corporate network via AD integration
– Remote access to corporate resources securely

Secure Communication and Information -> Data Mobility

For your business to transition to a successful hybrid work model, it is simply essential that your employees know how to protect company data from possible threats. Training your employees in security measures and best practices is one of the key ways to keep your company secure. Offer training and resources to staff in good digital security habits and how to protect company data while they are working remotely, and educate them to understand how to minimize cyber threats.

– BYOD guideline of Hong Kong Association of Banks
– Industry-standard 256 encryption for transmitting and saved messages
– On-premises or private cloud-based server solution
– Chat audit log and watermark over a persistent storage
– Remote wipe user account of lost devices
– Two/Multi-factor authentication
– ISO 27001 compliant
– Access control with permission

Bring your team to TeamNote for secure communication with maximum data privacy and create a more efficient and flexible working environment. Own your data and control your ecosystem.

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