Facility Booking

A comprehensive reservation solution that helps you manage bookings for all types of rooms and resources.


Search & filter

Look for the right room by filtering on date, time, location, capacity and more.

Recurring bookings

  • Avoid the hassle of making reservations separately for regular and recurring meetings
  • Choose the specific period and how often you want the meeting to repeat, all meeting sections will be reserved for you in just one go

Booking approval

Decide your own criterions on bookings of which meeting room, which time session and which user require approval and choose who have the authority to approve.

    Integration with TeamNote

    Through integration with TeamNote, your staff can reserve, manage and view bookings conveniently with TeamNote app and receive in-app confirmation and reminder notifications

    Mobile responsiveness

    Save you from the resolution struggling. No matter you are using small or large screen, TeamReserve changes itself to fir you to maintain consistent experience
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