Food & Beverage

Viewing Employees as Customers!

A mobile digital workplace built by TeamNote as the backbone allows the effective management and engagement of employees of chain restaurants with dispersed stores and offices. A team collaborations tools acts as a resource hub and communication center that helps keeping costs down, elevating service levels and reducing administrative burden.

a retail worker taking order with his tablet


icon represents an all-in-one resource hub

All-in-one Resource Hub

  • Enable employees access to multiple integrated applications in one app via SSO
  • Human Resources Management System, Learning Management System and more...
  • Increased functionality, flexibility and work experience
  • Mitigate communication barriers and layers
icon represents the employee performance evaluation

Value employees growth and contributions

  • Keep the large pool of non-desktop/store employees as engaged as the in-office employees
  • Announce flash activities to give a little surprises in daily life
  • Share work-related knowledge to increase productivity
  • Regularly update corporate news to enhance culture internalization
  • Host virtual activities to develop emotional connection for achieving common goals
icon represents the recognition of performance of a staff

Build sustainable community

  • Advocate paperless operation by adopting e-employee card for meal redemption
  • Digitalize manual documentation to enhance efficiency
  • Systematic record keeping to ensure data accuracy
  • Remote administration to leverage business resiliency
  • Employees continually learn skills that last for a lifetime

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