Get Ready for the Unknowns in 2021

Throughout the past year, digital transformation is what we’ve talked about the most in the new normal.
Despite the unknowns of 2021, the new normal is not new anymore and we learnt that businesses need to always be prepared for the unprecedented challenges.

2020 Overview

As a single-source for internal communications and collaborations, TeamNote enriches company
culture that allows for information sharing and team engagement through numerous purpose-driven channels.

The Future of Our Digital Workplace

Unlike many other business communication platforms, we level up your digital
workplace through Super-Connector, which enables seamless systems integration with a
minimum few lines of codes.

Comply with ISO 27001 and administrative access controls, access
to internal systems or networks via TeamNote using private devices
is securely encrypted even when they are away from the office.

McPlace News Coverage

McDonald shared their positive user experience with “McPlace ” app powered by
TeamNote on HK01.TeamNote not only helps them adapt to the digital transformation and
maintain business continuity, but also impose their employee engagement.

Super-connector: LMS, HRMS

McDonald’s employees can easily obtain company updated news, training information, and even learn how to make fries by using the “McPlace “app. With our Super-connector, users can operate various applications along with single sign-on in TeamNote

Frontline and non- desktop workers engagement

Solve frontline engagement challenges by connecting everyone with TeamNote. Give non-desktop workers a platform to engage, share insights, and access information on the go.


Complying with ISO 27001 and HKMA BYOD guidelines, TeamNote allows employees to communicate and collaborate on virtual workplace in a secure manner and prevent confidential data leakage.

Connect Your Community with Us

  All of us from TeamNote would like to express our sincere appreciation to valuable clients, partners and friends for working alongside during the past uneasy year. While we
are still going through the covid crisis, TeamNote aims to empower the hybrid of remote and in-office
workforce to facilitate business continuity in a sustainable future.   Build a designated TeamNote app with its own theme, icon and even name for your community NOW!

” Feel free to talk with our representative about internal communications
strategies in the digital workplace. Wishing you and your company all the
best as we enter 2021.We look forward to working together throughout the upcoming years.”

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