Government and Public Services

Digital transformation of government and public services through accelerate digitalization and mobile productivity of operation and internal system to foster innovation while maintaining sustainability and continuity. TeamNote is not just a communication and collaboration tool, its flexibility and customisability make it the best of the mobile productivity solutions for government and non-profit organisations.
two fire-fighters working on the fire site


icon of instant messaging between two persons


  • Share the latest news and announcements to internal officers
  • Real-time communication and collaboration among staff of any level
  • Higher encryption levels of chat room for high-ranking officials
  • Maintain communication between contractors and officers working on-site and in-office
  • Push to talk to instantly communicate with team during an operation, especially emergency and critical public services
icon of collaboration


  • Management remotely assign tasks, monitor work progress, and evaluate submitted assignments
  • Mobile access to internal resources and assigned tasks
  • Work on-the-go via various workflow modules including but not limited to facility maintenance, enquiry handling, room booking, and etc.


  • Improve employees’ work experience and efficiency
  • All processed activities are kept as sets of records
  • Promote environmental friendly paperless operation

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2 female guests and a male guest chating in an event
zoom view of a person holding a portable device with bar chart data in front of a computer screen showing pie charts and bar charts
Banks and Financial Institutions
vector art of using TeamNote as the super-connector for systems such as internet apps, database, network drive, tranet, website & social media sites, legacy systems & email
Food & Beverage
a zoom of a man holding an umbrella cover the paper cut of a house, car and family illustrates the insurance concept
a tally clerk working in a warehouse