3 Ways to Maintain Information Security for Hybrid Workforce

3 Ways to Maintain Information Security for Hybrid Workforce🔒

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The trend of distributive and remote working of labour force drives many organizations to adopt hybrid workplace that increasingly using cloud services, transferring files across different networks, have less control over employee security measures and a range of other information security challenges such phishing scams, hackers, and data loss. Organizations that shift to hybrid work mode must implement new strategies that secure their digital assets, protect their remote employees, and shield their business from cyberthreats.

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Establish Cybersecurity Policy

Organizations cannot assume their employees know anything about cybersecurity or their role in it. The best place to begin is establishing a cybersecurity policy. A cybersecurity policy sets the standards of behaviour for activities can be the encryption of email attachments and restrictions on the use of social media. Require all new and existing employees to review and sign the policy, regardless of whether they work remotely or not. 

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Offer Security Training


For your business to transition to a successful hybrid work model, it is simply essential that your employees know how to protect company data from possible threats. Training your employees in security measures and best practices is one of the key ways to keep your company secure. Offer training and resources to staff in good digital security habits and how to protect company data while they are working remotely, and educate them to understand how to minimize cyber threats.

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Invest The Right Technology


To facilitate a productive and connected remote workforce, organisations need to invest in the right technology or tool. It allows managers and employees to stay on the same page, no matter where they are working from, while enabling productivity and connectedness. Teams can leverage the tool to facilitate communication around projects and feedback, as well as building team unity and morale.

TeamNote allows employees to communicate and collaborate in a virtual workplace in a secure manner. As an all-in-one mobile solution, it carefully monitors the control access to organization resources with permissions to prevent confidential data leakage, as well as to reduce cyber threat by complying with ISO 27001 and HKMA BYOD guidelines.

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