Internal Marketing and Branding

Internal marketing and employee branding have positive impacts on employees’ commitment and loyalty to the brand. Strong employee engagement builds emotional connection with the brand and the business in your corporate community.
two business executives discussing business
animation of mobile communication of a poll about the relevancy of training
  • Connect your employees to the company’s external brand
  • Apply internal branding to every internal touchpoint
  • Recognize and shout out to employees’ efforts
  • Help employees define the attributes of the brand to deliver persuasive messages
  • Ask employee feedback, listen and respect employees’ ideas

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Leadership Communication
a female engineer talk with her mobile phone on the site
Remote Worker
zoom side view of a hand holding a tablet with another hand sliding on the screen while the background is icon of a lock and IC circuit that illustrates the concept of secure communication
Secure Communication
a staff at the cashier terminal
Deskless Worker
two construction workers at the construction site
Contractor Communication
zoom shot of a man holding a mobile in an event
Event Communication