Mobile Workforce

TeamNote enhances your mobile workforce efficiency by delivering easy-to-use features for
their performance on various tasks.

* Customization based on corporation’s
specific requirements

Task Management

– Photo Reporting
– Job Dispatch
– Shift Management and Daily Roster

Document Management

– Distribution of Meeting and Corporate Material
– Video/Audio File Viewing & Sharing
– PDF Viewing & Sharing
– Watermark Stamps on All Media Image, Video and PDF Files

Training Management

– Class Schedule Announcement
– Training Materials Distribution
– Class Assessment
– Questionnaire

Frontline Sales Activities Reporting

– Daily Sales Report
– Planogram Report
– Stock Reporting

Team Communication

– Instant Text/Voice/Video Messaging
– Group Announcement via News Channel
– Secure Group Chat & Individual Chat Mode
– Offline Messages Function
– Central Management of Chat Group Formation
– Scheduled Automatic Deletion of Confidential Messages
– Instant Corporate Survey and Polling Result
– Audit Trail of all Chat Messages and File Transferred
– Web-Console for Admin Management

Simple Tool High Benefit


News Announcement

Broadcast news and deliver management instructions to staff instantly. This greatly enhances the working efficiency.


Provide Watermark to all sharing materials and files which helps protect copyright of business proprietary information.

Analysis and Reports

Analyze users’ behaviors and provide insights for top management to communicate with staff

Stock Reporting

Facilitate inventory management by creating stock report in TeamNote and deliver to the person who are responsible for it.

Document Sharing

Distribute corporate training/ meeting materials like product catalogs, demonstration videos and guidelines without information leakage concerns.

Job Dispatch

Creates tasks to deliver to the most suitable workers. Resources can be fully utilised which allows management have a better grasp of worker’s performance.

Secure IM

Instant messages to individuals and groups are safeguarded with encryption.

Shift Management

Manage a large number of part-time staff by uploading duty rosters.

Polling & Voting

Gather employees’ opinions efficiently on a regular basis and view the results immediately


Conduct surveys and receive quick responses and suggestions from staff. This can establish a feedback loop which enhances working efficiency.


Organise staff training conveniently by delivering materials and schedule via portal.


Photo Reporting

TeamNote’s photo reporting function supports daily reports like safety maintenance check. This enhances the reporting procedures with better illustration of the situation and therefore increases work efficiency. Besides, GPS location log is available for reporting details.


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