Protect Government Data with TeamNote’s Advanced Solutions for Enhanced Security🔒

TeamNote provides a comprehensive solution to address the unique data security challenges faced by government entities. With TeamNote, you can confidently safeguard sensitive data and maintain its integrity throughout its lifecycle.
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4 tips for collaborative success

Enhance Team Collaboration: 4 Strategies for Collaborative Success 🚀👥

Are you ready to take your remote collaboration to new heights? We'll share essential tips to transform your remote work experience using TeamNote. Discover how you can unlock the full potential of virtual collaboration effortlessly!
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learning management system

Elevate Your Course Management: Achieve Success with TeamNote’s Innovative Learning Solution💡📙

Are you overwhelmed by the complexities of course management? TeamNote's learning management solution is here to revolutionize your course management experience. It tackles the challenges of disorganization, time-consuming administrative tasks, limited collaboration, and the demand for personalized and data-driven approaches. Empower your organization to create efficient, engaging, and impactful learning experiences.
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🔓Unlock the Power of OCR with TeamNote: Transforming Document Challenges into Efficiency

Manual document processing can be time-consuming and error-prone, but OCR (Optical Character Recognition) is here to change that. By harnessing the power of OCR, you can bid farewell to tedious manual tasks and embrace a new era of efficiency and accuracy.  Get ready to unlock the full potential of OCR and streamline your document processing...
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business govirtual

Digital Transformation for Your Business: Thank you for Visiting TeamNote’s Booth 🌐

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for visiting our booth at the Business GoVirtual Expo & Conference. We are thrilled to have had the chance to meet you and learn more about your interests in our company.
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business govirtual

「BUSINESS GOVirtual 科技會議 2023」:TeamNote 全方位生產力協作工具 優化企業運營效率關鍵🔑

數碼轉型徹底改變了企業的運營方式。通過協作工具,公司可以提高效率、生產力和協作能力。同時可利用數據分析來做出明智的決策和競爭優勢,通過數碼轉型釋放企業的潛力。 為配合數碼轉型及混合式工作文化的實際需要,團信 (TeamNote) 協作平台,擁有安全通信及數據管理技術、靈活的系統整合服務,可協助企業實現虛擬工作體驗。用戶自建的聊天室、最新消息、文件上載及共享等,讓員工可以自由地參與協作,大幅改善資源管理和工作體驗。
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teamnote superconnector

TeamNote Super-Connector:實現系統協作一體化 

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chatgpt teamnote

Discover the Future of Collaborative Intelligence with TeamNote and ChatGPT

It's no secret that the world of business is evolving rapidly. To stay ahead of the competition and achieve your goals, companies must embrace the latest IT trends. One of the most exciting trends is the use of ChatGPT, an AI-powered language model that can revolutionize the way businesses operate and reshape the future of industries.
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Smart Office & Hybrid Work – Optimize Your Workplace with TeamReserve

Booking office workspace is one of the most common administrative tasks that cost your employees time and effort. By streamlining the booking process, you can significantly reduce admin work and increase employees’ workplace satisfaction. Our facility booking system - TeamReserve allows your employees to place recurring bookings, create custom permission, set booking policies and more....
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【I&T Solution Expo 2022】

We are honoured to be the exhibitor in the I&T Solution Expo 2022 co-organised by Efficiency Office and Hong Kong Science Park. Thank you for selecting TeamNote as one of the speakers and our Vice President - Keith Tsa to present our solutions on stage. We are pleased to showcase and introduce TeamNote to government...
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Digitization in Construction Industry with TeamWorkflow

In construction project management, it can be hard to keep track of multiple teams and projects. Contractors need flexible, reliable, and cloud-based software that streamlines and simplifies workflows to save them time and money onsite. With TeamWorkflow’s all-in-one solution, bring stakeholders together and get a bird’s-eye view of all tasks. Connect owners, contractors, engineers, architects,...
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mobile training platform

Upskill Your Entire Workforce – Motivate Employees with TeamNote’s Training Management Solution

Whether your goal is to drive performance or achieve compliance with frameworks or corporate policies, you need an effective mechanism to identify skill gaps, administer training, and measure effectiveness. TeamNote’s Training Management solution enables you to access, track and report on employee’s training and certifications in one central and secure platform. Automate repetitive tasks and...
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【TeamNote for Government 】Empower Government Agencies to Achieve more

Digital transformation is leading across industries for business processes and systems improvement on collaboration and communication. Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint has compelled public sectors to reconsider their duties, business processes, and collaborative arrangements. To ensure the long-term viability and alignment of smart government initiatives, here is how TeamNote can help facilitate.
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你正在使用甚麼通訊方式和團隊進行遠程工作 (Remote Working)? 企業員工越來越依賴移動信息平台進行業務通信和協作,然而,這些免費的通信軟件存在威脅,影響公司的數據安全和完整性,給企業帶來了更高的技術風險。TeamNote 的安全通信(Secure Communication) 及數據管理技術,全面地協助企業安排及確保員工利用遙距方式如常工作,大大提升生產力。
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推動企業數位轉型,不但要確保資訊安全,企業還需要改善資源可及性以及員工的工作體驗。TeamNote多合一的協作平台 (Digital Workplace),擁有靈活的系統集成 (Super-Connector),能全面地管理公司各種系統。協助企業實現多合一的虛擬工作體驗。
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在資訊科技年代,即時通訊程式如 Whatsapp、Signal 和微信已逐漸輔助商務及工作上溝通的模式。但對於金融機構來說,溝通軟件必須達到企業水平的安全標準,因此禁止使用這些免費而未經授權的即時通訊應用程式,迫使員工繼續通過電子郵件等效率較低的渠道進行溝通,大大減低員工的工作效率。
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TeamNote are used in compliant communication in financial institutions

How Compliant Messaging of TeamNote helps Financial Institutions Gain Competitive Edge

What tools help you to manage your team remotely? Enterprise workforces increasingly rely on mobile messaging platforms for business communication and collaboration. Many companies take the easy route by opting to use consumer-based messaging tools such as WhatsApp and Signal; however, these kinds of apps threaten the security and integrity of data, creating elevated technology...
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TeamNote builds a remote workplace for hybrid working team

How Digital Workplace Empowers Remote Working & Team Collaboration?

Rising Covid-19 cases and the highly transmissible nature of the Omicron variant has forced many companies to rethink their hybrid working models. Companies are embracing hybridisation as never before. Is your business ready to take the leap into remote work with a digital workplace?
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animation art of TeamNote's new year greeting for 2022

Digital Transformation Prepares Your Organization to move ahead in 2022

Our working habits are becoming more and more flexible, and so should your office spaces and buildings. In 2022, offices are expected to provide optimal conditions for productivity, as well as employee health and well-being, and their functions should be accessible with a centralized platform. TeamNote is the ultimate tool to boost employee experience and corporate culture...
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vector art shows TeamReserve can be used for different devices such as PC, Laptop, Display Panel & Interactive Kiosk

TeamReserve’s Smart Office Solution Transform Your Workspace

Busy meeting rooms, availability ignorance, and long waiting queues for office facilities are some of the challenges faced by employees of every company. Having a resource booking system in place improves convenience and space utilization. TeamReserve leverages IoT technologies to reduce costs and maximize the value of office resources. Organizations can take control with workspace...
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vector art of analytic dashboard of TeamNote

Allow Data of Your Digital Workplace Under Full Control With TeamNote Admin Panel

Employees are becoming increasingly distributed, managing data from various platforms for an organization is a complex task. With several teams and office locations, administrators often struggle to track data, manage user activity, and view performance.
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room booking by TeamReserve using a mobile phone showing the availability of room and desk at different time lots

Smart Office Solution for Managing Meeting Rooms and Company Resources

Today’s work environment is complicated, but managing resources doesn’t have to be. Meeting scheduling and workspace bookings is a routine activity in every workplace. However, it can be tedious and time-consuming if you do not have an effective booking system in place. TeamReserve offers a flexible and comprehensive reservation solution that helps you manage bookings...
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TeamNote speaker presents in the Cyberport Business Matching Event

Cyberport Business Matching Event with Equal Opportunities Commission

Thank you Cyberport for inviting TeamNote as one of the speakers in the business matching event last week. We had a great time sharing our solutions to you all.
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vector art shows TeamNote as the superconnector of various systems such as LMS, Intranet, Email, Network Drive, HRMs, Website & Social Media Sites

Super System Connector – Where Digital Transformation Happens

Different management systems can result in varying degrees of effectiveness. In order to manage various systems in a comprehensive manner, an all-in-one solution platform is necessary. With a minimum few lines of code, TeamNote’s Super-Connector brings together the subsystems into one to act as a coordinated management platform ensures employees have seamless access to necessary...
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photo of Mr. Roy Law at the HKTDC HK Startup Society Promotional Banner

[HKTDC HK Startup Society ] Lessons from Silicon Valley: Do you really understand your users?

Lessons from Silicon Valley: Do you really understand your users? In 2014, after receiving investment from notable US startup accelerator Y Combinator, a group of six from TeamNote was given a four-month training opportunity in Silicon Valley.
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vector art illustrates the secure messaging in the banking industry

Enterprise Messaging for Finance & Banking Industries

Enterprise messaging, especially for personnels in bank and financial institutions, may not be feasible secure communication channel without using a compliant messaging app. Although instant messaging apps like Whatsapp, Signal and WeChat have emerged as preferred ways for business communication, banks and financial institutions are prohibited from using the consumer instant messaging apps, forcing employees...
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vector art of using TeamNote to manage the worlflow of a project with team members communicate with voice, phone, email and transfer of text messages and documents

Workflow Management Module – Manage Work The Way You Want

Does your project always run smoothly? TeamNote helps you build, systemize, and manage workflows effectively while keeping everyone on the same page. Its workflow management module gives your team the ability to create action, assign requests, and approve tasks quickly and smoothly. Thus, it helps streamline business and stimulate productivity and growth. Step 1 Systemize...
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vector art illustrate TeamNote's features and functions on event communication

Empower Your Event Management and Communication with TeamNote

Having TeamNote on-hand during your event gives a level of reassurance and security. This powerful mobile event apps provides real-time communication and update, your team and participants are empowered to take action and make better and smarter decisions – before, during, and after the event. With TeamNote for event management, you would never feel hosting...
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TeamNote x Touch Taiwan Exhibition 2021

TeamNote x Touch Taiwan Exhibition 2021

TeamNote was invited to participate in Touch Taiwan 2021 exhibition.The exhibition will be held in physical and online simultaneously.Touch Taiwan is the world’s leading exhibition for the display industry supply chains and the premier event having strong connection with high-tech industries. The exhibitors of Touch Taiwan 2021 will be divided into five major categories: “Smart Display,” “Smart Manufacturing”...
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vector art illustrates the 3 main ways to maintain information security for hybrid workforce

3 Ways to Maintain Information Security for Hybrid Workforce

The hybrid workforce means organizations are increasingly adopting cloud services, transferring files across different networks, have less control over employee security measures and a range of other challenges such phishing scams, hackers, and data loss. Organizations that shift to hybrid work must implement new strategies that secure their digital assets, protect their remote employees, and shield their...
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infograph compare TeamNote with WhatsApp and Signal

TeamNote VS Signal and Whatsapp

WHATSAPP, SIGNAL, OR OWN YOUR DATA? Which instant messaging app offers the most comprehensive privacy protection? And which is the best team chat app for your company? WhatsApp is the most popular instant messenger, but the weak privacy protection would be a big disadvantage for your company. Whatsapp is a cross-platform encrypted messaging service that...
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2021 new year greeting banner

Get Ready for the Unknowns in 2021

Throughout the past year, digital transformation is what we’ve talked about the most in the new normal.Despite the unknowns of 2021, the new normal is not new anymore and we learnt that businesses need to always be prepared for the unprecedented challenges. 2020 Overview As a single-source for internal communications and collaborations, TeamNote enriches companyculture that allows...
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TeamNote speaker presenting in Techsauce Global Summit 2020

[Technology Forum] Technology Solution for Remote Work

The Office of the Government Chief Information Officer, Cyberport, the Hong Kong Productivity Council, the Hong Kong Science, and Technology Parks Corporation are jointly organising a series of technology forums.  TeamNote has participated in the “Technology solution for remote work” forum. This technology forums are for industry players to share their innovative solutions and to facilitate digital...
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a staff lady screen check a visitor with a heat detector

[HK01] McPlace App – Digital transformation in the new normal

McDonald shared their positive user experience with “McPlace” app powered by TeamNote! McDonlad’s employees can easily obtain company updated news, training information, and even learn how to make fries by using “McPlace “app. It successfully imposes employee engagement and helps the company adapt the digital transformation in the new normal. TeamNote can seamlessly integrate all the existing...
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event banner of Techsauce Global Summit 2020 of TeamNote

Techsauce Global Summit 2020

TeamNote is now on Techsauce Global Summit 2020 Techsauce global summit is one of the biggest Tech conferences in South East Asia with the aim of strengthening the region’s technology ecosystem.  It is the epicentre for global leaders in technology, startups, corporations, investors, and venture capitals to collaborate while networking to improve the Tech industry.
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Photo of TeamNote's founder Mr. Roy Law

[Kongstories] Roy Law video Interview

“Love and Share What You Create”TeamNote and ZEROZONE founder Roy Law was interviewed by 港故仔. He talked about his entrepreneurial story and the reason of starting Zerozone. He encourages everyone in the industry to share and help each other, so that it can grow together and become stronger!
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Photo of TeamNote's founder Mr. Roy Law

[Kongstories] x Roy Law Interview

TeamNote founder Roy Law was interviewed by Kongstories to talk about his entrepreneurial story. Click inside to see more!
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promotional poster of the Hong Kong Business for the 20 hottest startups 2016 event

[Hong Kong Business] Hong Kong’s 20 hottest startups to watch out for in 2016

TeamNote is one of the 20 hottest startups 2016 featured in Hong Kong Business.
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Photo of TeamNote's founder Mr. Roy Law

[Wall Street Journal] Startups to Watch: Hong Kong

  TeamNote Workplace collaboration tools are growing in popularity around the world. But the services can be difficult to use for those who aren’t technologically savvy, says Roy Law, the 41-year-old co-founder of Hong Kong startup TeamNote.His company’s solution: a simpler, easier-to-use tool for employees who spend their days in the field, such as real-estate...
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zoom in view of a tablet screen with the front-page of Tech in Asia

[Tech in Asia] 25 startups in Asia that caught our eye

  TeamNote | Hong Kong TeamNote has created an app designed specifically for mobile-first, enterprise chat. It’s not available for download on iTunes or in Google Play – companies add new users by sending out links or manually deploying the app out. As for features besides chat, there is polling , task assignment, and training modules...
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zoom of a hand holding a mobile phone with a message of a manager to his team for daily sales figure

[TechCrunch] YC-Backed TeamNote Provides Enterprise Communications For Companies With People Out In The Field

  Y Combinator -backed TeamNote is building an enterprise communication app that isn’t so much focused on the team, but on helping home base get important information to and from workers in the field. Unlike many of its classmates at the Mountain View-based accelerator, TeamNote  isn’t being developed by a couple of Millennials fresh out of college. Rather, they’re an...
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TeamNote Research & Development Team

[Tech in Asia] Y Combinator-backed TeamNote is a Hong Kong-born answer to Slack and HipChat

  With Slack reaching an estimated valuation of US$1 billion and HipChat resting cozily in the arms of its acquirer Atlassian, enterprise chat remains a field that looks ripe for ambitious startups to grow in. One such company is TeamNote, a Hong Kong-based firm that’s currently wrapping up its time in Y Combinator (Disclosure: Y Combinator is an investor in...
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