Booking office workspace is one of the most common administrative tasks that cost your employees time and effort. By streamlining the booking process, you can significantly reduce admin work and increase employees’ workplace satisfaction.
Our facility booking system – TeamReserve allows your employees to place recurring bookings, create custom permission, set booking policies and more. It will distribute notifications and reminders; as well as, generate workspace analytics.


Book from Anywhere and Calendar Integration

Employees can find and book a meeting room on the day or in advance through our mobile app – TeamNote or web portal, as well as capability to customize and integrate with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar. The booking information will be synced to all calendar systems avoiding double booking and frustration.

With TeamReserve, you will be able to provide an immersive workplace experience to your employees by simplifying the scheduling process.

Data Analysis and Workplace Optimization

Detailed analytics allows you to discover trends in meeting room usage. Analyzing utilization rates, average booking duration, and other metrics will enable you to improve how your team uses the workplace. By implementing TeamReserve, you can collect data, analyze it and gain insights to optimize your workplace for your employees.

Streamline Facility Booking Process

TeamReserve allows you to set permissions for how, when, and by whom a room can be booked, and define your own hybrid work policies. Create custom permission and control who has access to the facilities. You can save a lot of time and effort for your employees by automating and streamlining the processes.

Make it easy for your hybrid workforce to find and book office workspace on any device with a seamless meeting room booking system.

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