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TeamNote Limited is a Hong Kong based information and communications technology company that provides all-in-one mobile productivity solutions. 


Our mobile-first communication and collaboration platform is designed for hybrid of remote and in-office workforce and enables them access to company resources anytime, anywhere. 


Our mission is to facilitate companies to maximise their workforce productivity and maintain business continuity in the new normal. 


Our clients cover various industries including government and public sectors, finance, retail etc.

Years of Experience
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Our Research & Development Team

We have top-notch engineers and security exports, recognised by top IT certifications including

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TeamNote R & D Team MCSE
TeamNote R & D Team ITIL
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Our Story



The research and development team of TeamNote Limited came from AppTask Limited, the sister company founded in 2010 by the same CEO Roy Law.



Service Need

Requested by a local well-known real estate conglomerate, the team started off research and develop of the corporate instant messaging app.



1st Release

The application is officially named as “TeamNote” in English and “團信” in Chinese, with the meaning of message and trust among join forces.

1st release of the secure instant messaging app has replaced the costly SMS message. 



TeamNote Limited

TeamNote Limited is registered as a company after spinning off from AppTask Limited.

In August, TeamNote won the Red Herring Asia Top 100 Technology Award in Hong Kong.

In December, TeamNote won the Red Herring Global Top 100 Technology Award in Los Angeles.



Backed by Y Combinator

In Q1, TeamNote applied and successfully received seed and angel fund from Y Combinator, the world-renowned start-up accelerator in Silicon Valley. TeamNote is the second company from Hong Kong backed by Y Combinator.

In April, TeamNote won the ICT Best Mobile Apps Grand Award and ICT Best Mobile Apps (Business and Enterprise Solution) Gold Award in Hong Kong.

Second version of TeamNote is also released with features enrichment and security enhancement. 


2015 - 2019

200,000+ Corporate Users

TeamNote hit over 200K corporate users by 2019, provided and continue providing services for clients from various sectors.

  • Financial Institutions – Reduced data liability and security compliance risks
  • Government Departments – Uninterrupted mobilisation of resources and support 
  • Retail Sector – Enhanced non-desktop workforce management and engagement
  • Public Services – Improved proficiency and safety by keeping track of project procedures




Founded by our R & D team, Super-Connector is the sophisticated technique that streamlines management and workflow processes. It allows users to access all necessary resources and information through an integrated system.

Whether it’s an existing internal system or 3rd party-built application, Super-Connector enables unlimited system integration that brings together the sub-systems into one single platform.


2021 and Beyond

Build Your Branded Work App

TeamNote continues to support and grow with our clients through digital transformation.

Together we thrive.


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