Privacy & Security

Security is at the heart of TeamNote. We ensure your employees are as protected when working remotely as they are in office.

International and local security standards

ISO 27001 Compliant

BYOD guideline of Hong Kong Association of Banks

Government data management

7 Security Objectives

Our No. 1 goal is to protect your information from unauthorised access and misuse.
  • 1. Confidentiality – No unauthorized read
  • 2. Integrity – No unauthorized modification
  • 3. Availability – Keeps working in presence of attack
  • 4. Non-repudiation – Prove someone did something
  • 5. Identity & authentication – Users declare and prove who they are
  • 6. Authorization – Determine what a user is allow to do
  • 7. Auditing / Logging – Record important information/events

Additional security assurance

Audit log

Inactivity time-out

Admin access control management portal

Remote wipe user account of lost devices

Support MDM (mobile device management)


External forwarding can be disabled

Two/Multi-factor authentication