Productivity app that performs both facility management and workforce management and strengthen the competitiveness of a retail enterprise. Effectively managing a group of desk-less workforce in diverse retail outlets around the city is the keystone to achieve organizational objectives in the competitive retail landscape.
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vector art of workflow management on staff management and work hour record

Workforce management

  • Align staffing to demand, ensure employee skill sets in-line with operational requirements
  • Provide the latest product brochures or information to meet changing business needs
  • Instant communication across devices and locations via push-to-talk
  • Remote create and arrange shift schedules, assign tasks, response requirements
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Facility management

  • Effectively maintain store appearance to maintain brand attractiveness
  • Minimize operational error by providing technicians or contractors systematic workflow
  • Access to real-time information for accurate and in-depth reporting
  • Track and control maintenance tasks and costs

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