Secure Employee Communication

Engage your entire workforce with all communications channels available on mobile. Anytime, anywhere.


Separate work instant messaging and personal chatting; create a secure, modern, and effortless virtual environment for team communication.


Voice & video call


Secure message

Whisper (group chat)

Announcement Group

Instant mobile calling

Sticker packs

Secure chat room


Identity authentication

Inactivity lock


Skip the step of saving employee contacts on your personal phone. Start chatting with the right employees simply by searching their department, title, or name.
  • Contact cards
  • AD synchronisation
  • Import excel contacts
  • Employee ID e-card


Reach every employee with relevant content through appropriate channels that are more than just chat rooms. Keep everyone engaged, motivated and up-to-date with changes.
  • Shared Document
  • Poll
  • Questionnaire
  • Notification
  • Pop-up AD
  • Employee's Benefits