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With an effective facility management and booking system in place, managing company resources doesn’t have to be complicated even in today’s very complex working environment. Meeting scheduling and workspace bookings is a routine activity in every office or workplace. It can be tedious and time-consuming if you do not have an effective booking system in place. TeamReserve, a smart office app, offers a flexible and comprehensive reservation solution that helps you manage bookings for all types of rooms and resources. A streamlined booking system that supports your employees to collaborate efficiently.

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Reserve Workspace

TeamReserve allows employees to take control of their workplace experience by booking office resources such as work desks, meeting rooms, parking spaces and more. Quickly explore and reserve available resources and help to save time and minimize confusion.

Mobile Reservation

Booking office resources and viewing the status anywhere with any device. TeamReserve provides an effective way to keep your workspace secure and adaptable; it helps your team connect with the people and places they need in just a few clicks.

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Manage Booking

Users can view, edit and manage all reservations and set a recurring meeting to be used at any time. They will receive in-app and email confirmation and reminder notification for the booking. Admin can gain important resource insights and data by each of the reservations.

Customize to Your Needs

TeamReserve is adapted to the way your business works, designed specifically to meet your company’s needs. Our services cover all aspects of your business from secure payment gateway, equipment rental management, training management, and more. Get everything simple and customizable in one place.

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Event & Course Management

From conferences, virtual events to training courses, TeamReserve streamlined the process of registration, event promotions, check-in & out and much more. Organize your event and training course with a centralized system and enable a hybrid work experience for your workforce.

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Analysis & Optimization with IoT

TeamReserve provides a seamless experience to your employees with IoT integrations. It helps to check occupancy status, gather data and collect user behaviour with analytics IoT hardwares. Optimizing the usage of your workplace and boosting employee engagement and productivity.

Connecting your Employees, Resources, and Technology in One Place.  Enjoy a smart booking process with TeamReserve

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