Different management systems can result in varying degrees of effectiveness. In order to manage various systems in a comprehensive manner, an all-in-one solution platform is necessary. With a minimum few lines of code, TeamNote’s Super-Connector brings together the subsystems into one to act as a coordinated management platform ensures employees have seamless access to necessary designated information through effortless SSO.

Reduce cost
Existing System Integration → Reduce Cost and Risk

Super-connector helps integrate all the disparate business applications used within the organization to make it easier for employees to access the necessary business data and tools. By putting all the existing systems together, employees can easily adapt to the software without spending extra time on learning the new solution. Companies can also retain valuable data from the existing system and minimize the cost and risk for the change.

Third-party system integration→Unified Management Tool

As an all-in-one solution platform, Super-connector’s flexibility allows companies to integrate with any third-party system such as HRMS, LMS, shift management, Intranet and more. All the employees – whether in the office or the non-desk workers – can easily access all the systems in one single platform anytime, anywhere on any device. 

Single-Sign-On Solution → Increase Security and Improve Convenience

TeamNote offers a secure, seamless SSO login experience; users only have to enter their login credentials one time on a single page to access all the applications. Combined with access control, permission control and activity logs, companies can track and control user behavior within an organization’s internal systems

“McPlace” App Powered by TeamNote

mc place

Finding the right tool is the answer to effectively and efficiently manage a large workforce. With the adoption of the “McPlace” app in the past years, it not only helps the organization adapt to the digital transformation and maintain business continuity, but also impose their employee engagement during the pandemic.

external system

Social Site Integration - Official Website

McDonald’s official website is integrated into the “McPlace ” app via TeamNote’s Super-connector. Employees can handily check out the latest update of special menus and promotions in the “McPlace” app that is powered by TeamNote. Non-desktop workers can easily access company information on the go.

External system integration - HR & Learning Management System

By integrating the third-party training and learning management system that contains a table of contents and functions. McDonald’s employees can easily obtain company updated news, training information, and even learn how to make fries by using the “McPlace “app.


SSO Solution in “McPlace” App

As an all-in-one digital workplace, “McPlace ” app enables seamless integration with effortless SSO and in a secure manner. All necessary information and functions are one click away for tens of thousands of McDonlad’s employees. It helps achieve all-in-one virtual working experience and increases productivity.

employee benefit

Employee Benefit Integration

“McPlace” app helps their employees to stay engaged by integrating employee benefits functions. TeamNote goes beyond a communication hub. With fast deployment of basic functions and creative customization, it makes employees who share common goals feel valued and emotionally connected.

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