Workflow Management Module – Manage Work The Way You Want

Does your project always run smoothly? TeamNote helps you build, systemize, and manage workflows effectively while keeping everyone on the same page. Its workflow management module gives your team the ability to create action, assign requests, and approve tasks quickly and smoothly. Thus, it helps streamline business and stimulate productivity and growth.

Step 1

Systemize repetitive assignments, keep tasks in one place and prioritize your work to accelerate productivity.

Raise request

Besides phone calls, Speech-to-text function and Interactive Voice Response System (IVR) are  applicable in TeamNote. It helps deliver a better user experience, minimizing room for errors and increasing overall efficiency.

Job dispatch

Create tasks to deliver to the most suitable workers. Resources can be fully utilized and allow management to have a better grasp of worker’s performance. Users can view assignments in a calendar or listing format to organize work and track tasks through every stage.

Escalation Alarm

Alert notifies the administrators when an event in the system requires their attention. If an incident is not acknowledged or resolved within a predetermined amount of time, it will be escalated to the correct users. Staff can be notified in real-time when there is an emergency case for immediate handling.

Step 2

Coordinate tasks and projects across your business by using workflow systems to achieve streamline processes, costs minimization and productive efficiency. 

Submit request

When submitting the request, users can make multiple actions such as adding observers, rejecting requests, assigning and reassigning the job.


Filling in the information you need in text display, multiple choice, check box and dropbox in the e-form, you can also implement secure electronic signatures, notification, and attachment etc.

Follow-up via Chat

Users can send messages to the assigned worker via TeamNote chat function and follow-up with the projects instantly.

Step 3

Access TeamNote to receive notifications, approval requests, view reports and collaborate with others on the go.

Review request

After receiving the request, users can review the e-form and job request, and retrieve e-from and report via registered email

Summary of workflow status

Administrators can view on-going, pending, completed workflow requests, as well as those that require their attention. It helps monitor the status of workflows, view and modify details and generate reports easily. 

Evaluate worker’s performance

Supervisors can monitor and rate worker’s performance in TeamNote, as well as provide workers with feedback and insight to help them boost performance.

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