Standard Price (Perpetual License)


Support and Maintenance Service

Support and Maintenance (2nd & Sub-sequenct year)

Hosting Service

Database & Firewall installation

Installation service
(High Availability Included)
- Admin guide
- User manual
- Software installation
- iOS & Android App preparation

Supported platforms


(A) Customise App Icon, name and Theme

(B) Notification

(C) Instant messaging

1. 1-to-1 chat & group chat

2. Announcement Group

3. Secure message (Password-Protected)

4. Secure chatroom (Password-protected)

5. Acknowledge message

6. ONE(1) set of 20 stickers

(D) Contacts/ Phonebook

1. Grouping by department

2. AD integration or import from excel

3. User profile

(E) News & Polling

(F) Document sharing & Repository

(G) Dashboard (User activity analytics)


HK$ 1300

Private Cloud / On-premise

8x5 standard

15% of Purchase License Cost

HK$ 24,000/ year

HK$ 180,000

HK$ 120,000

iPhone/iPad/Android Phones/Tablets/PC/Laptop/Browsers