System connector bringing together the legacy and newer systems into an unified endpoint management platform. A single sign on solution delivers the best usability and boost productivity of the enterprise.
vector art of system integration of website, intranet, LMS and HRMS by TeamConnect


With a minimum few lines of code, the Super-Connector brings together separate systems or applications into a single platform to achieve all-in-one virtual working experience.

Single Sign-On

Multiple Access

All-in-one Notification Box

vector art of using TeamNote as the super-connector for systems such as internet apps, database, network drive, tranet, website & social media sites, legacy systems & email
vector art of a woman calling with her cell phome with a love sign indication of her improved user engagement

Improve user engagement

vector art shows a man looks at his PC with satisfactory as technical debt is reduced

Reduce technical debt

vector art of PC with a lock icon representing cyber security & resilience

Develop cyber resilience

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TeamNote provides you the all-in-one mobile productivity solution. Contact us for more information.