Digital transformation is leading across industries for business processes and systems improvement on collaboration and communication. Hong Kong Smart City Blueprint has compelled public sectors to reconsider their duties, business processes, and collaborative arrangements. To ensure the long-term viability and alignment of smart government initiatives, here is how TeamNote can help facilitate.

How TeamNote Helps the Government?

Ineffective Communication

Challenge for Government: Ineffective Communication

Legacy information and communication systems fall behind when it comes to demand for agility in communication and information access. Isolated and distributed usage of multiple systems often leads to frustration and low engagement towards productivity.

digitize conversation

TeamNote Solution: Digitize Conversations

Adapting a compliant messaging solution that aids in communicating and connecting with various departments, while maintaining etiquette and rules. Digitize your operations to improve government organizations’ agility and delivery.

Challenge for Government: Fragmented Collaboration

Email remains the most used tool for collaboration in government departments, despite being acknowledged as an inconvenient choice when working on files with a large group of staff. There are problems including losing control of documents, updates being buried in lengthy email chains, and concerns over security.

TeamNote Solution: Cross-agency Collaborations

Get rid of the static and old-fashioned Email communication! Communicate and collaborate with counterparts across governments via unlimited group chats and audio-video conferences
for real-time decision making and governance. TeamNote makes your distributed communication and collaboration streamlined and organized.

Manual Business Process

Challenge for Government Manual Business Process

Manual process is resource-intensive, which involves additional employee cost and time to complete administrative tasks. It also impacts productivity by diverting employees from higher-value activities that can drive business innovation and build revenue.

TeamNote Solution: Workflow Automation

An automated workflow can handle notifications, payments, approvals and more. Leverage TeamWorkflow to define, set and trigger one-time and recurrent activities and events, complete multiple tasks at once, regardless of complexity.

Legacy systems lower efficient

Challenge for Government: Legacy systems Lower Efficiency

The legacy systems in governments are rapidly becoming outdated, making integrations with modern systems and applications more expensive. Lack of interoperable systems and data-sharing capabilities, as well as siloed workflows affected the efficiency of the working process.

System Integration

TeamNote Solution: System Integration

Leaders need a single view of how the organization is performing. Staff need complete information to work smarter. TeamNote’s Super-Connector brings the company’s subsystems into an unified endpoint management platform; ensures employees to have seamless access to your designated information through effortless SSO.

Security Restriction

Challenge for Government: Security Restriction

Government departments activities involving a wide range of sensitive data. It is crucial for government departments to adopt a compliance platform and ensure information security in the workplace is the top priority of the government. 

Compliance & Security: Full Control of Your Data

TeamNote Solution: Compliance & Security, Full Control of Your Data

Data secrecy and data ownership are important for government organizations. TeamNote provides multiple hosting options (On-premise, Private cloud, or SaaS) to secure government communication. Strengthen organization’s data security policy with industry-standard 256-bit encryption for transmitting and saved messages, protecting sensitive data, and providing Instant messaging for complete security and data ownership.

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