Hybrid workplace ideal for remote working and in-office workers, engages employees of any level, position, and job nature with secure communication through various channels like chats, news, documents, and more.
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Secure Employee Communication

A must-have internal communication tool to boost employee engagement and productivity.
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Separate work instant messaging and personal chatting; create a secure, modern, and effortless virtual environment for team communication.
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Voice & video call

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Secure message

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Whisper (group chat)

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Announcement Group

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Instant mobile calling

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Sticker packs

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Secure chat room



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Identity authentication

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Inactivity lock


Skip the step of saving employee contacts on your personal phone. Start chatting with the right employees simply by searching their department, title, or name.
  • Contact cards
  • AD synchronisation
  • Import excel contacts
  • Employee ID e-card
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Reach every employee with relevant content through appropriate channels that are more than just chat rooms. Keep everyone engaged, motivated and up-to-date with changes.
  • Shared Document
  • Poll
  • Questionnaire
  • Notification
  • Pop-up AD
  • Employee's Benefits

Admin Panel

Control employee accessibility to further improve secure communication, get a clearer view of how different segments of workforce are interacting with internal communications.

Audit trail

View sets of security-relevant chronological records that provide documentary evidence of the sequence of activities within the platform.


View user activities such as message statistics, news engagement rates, daily active data…

Server Status

Check real-time server status to monitor service performance and prevent software downtime.

Access control

Customize user access to different features accordingly.

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