Helping smart office to streamline its facility booking and resource management process. Eliminating scheduling hassle that includes 24x7 online bookings, reminders, resources management, IoT integrated desk booking system and more.
icon of a booking calender of TeamReserve

IoT Integration

A must-have internal communication tool to boost employee engagement and productivity.

Kiosk / Display Panel

Show current status of all rooms and reserve the available one directly on the map
  • Occupancy Status
display panel and an interactive kiosk powered by TeamReserve
vector art shows TeamReserves' people counting function when integrated with IOT sensor at the room entrance when the people walk into the venue

People Counting

  • Real-time people counting
  • Collect useful data for better understanding of space usage
  • Auto check-out when all users are left

Desk Panel

  • Scan QR code to check-in and check-out
  • Optimization of space usage
vector art of desk panel signaling the available of a vacant desk
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