Helping smart office to streamline its facility booking and resource management process. Eliminating scheduling hassle that includes 24x7 online bookings, reminders, resources management, IoT integrated desk booking system and more.
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Resources Booking

A comprehensive reservation solution that helps you manage bookings for all types of rooms and resources.

Office Space Management

Instantly book the right room that fits your meeting needs. Maximise resources, improve efficiency and save staff time.
  • Meeting Room
  • Work Desk
  • Car
  • Lactation Room
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snapshot of payment of meeting room booking fee by payment gateway

Recreational Facility Management

Provide clubhouse users an extra convenience to manage their leisure facility bookings online, through telephone, or in-person.
Officers can easily add facilities, create pricing plans, record payments, manage check-in and out, and monitor booking status.
  • Pricing Plan
  • Secure Payment
  • Check-in Management
  • Lifestyle Tips

Event and Course Management

Create, promote, and track in-person, virtual, or hybrid company events or courses. Don’t forget to share highlights after to boost engagement!
  • Registration
  • Check-in and out
  • Event Highlights
snapshot of the booking platform interface of TeamReserve
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TeamNote provides you the all-in-one mobile productivity solution. Contact us for more information.