Busy meeting rooms, availability ignorance, and long waiting queues for office facilities are some of the challenges faced by employees of every company. Having a resource booking system in place improves convenience and space utilization. TeamReserve leverages IoT technologies to reduce costs and maximize the value of office resources. Organizations can take control with workspace management, visitor management and meeting room reservations in one place.

Interactive Kiosks - Streamline Office Experience

Office kiosks provide everyday services like event look-ups, wayfinding with floor maps, and booking workspace. They show real-time insight into which rooms are in use and by whom, and it gives an access point for both employees and visitors to find information about upcoming bookings. The interactive kiosks also help employees work more efficiently and provide them a personalized employee experience.


Desk and Display Panels - Workspace Optimization

You can track room usage and establish patterns of behavior to better inform the space utilization strategy and make sure your office resource is always optimised by using desk and display panels. They help speed up the process and get rid of ghost reservations with the check-in & out function.

People Counting - Visitor Management

People counting sensors are important for assessing the efficiency of your facility booking. They accurately count how many people are going in and out of your room or building, and enable auto-check out when all users are left, giving you real-time data on the occupancy. Combined with IoT technology, TeamReserve helps gather the data of how the spaces were used and the user behaviour with analytics tools for better understanding of space usage.

Calendar Integration

Seamless integration with your existing calendar systems like Microsoft Outlook or Google Calendar, allows employees to receive notifications or modify the details of the reservations. All changes made on the booking will synchronize to the calendar automatically.

Report and Business Intelligence

It is crucial for an organization to have complete information about the occupancy of their facilities and workspaces. TeamReserve generates analytics and reports to provide a greater way to oversee the information about office spaces and upcoming events to keep the workplace more productive. Organizations can take control with workspace management and reduce administration costs.

Optimize your workplace utility using TeamReserve IoT Technology


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