mobile training platform

Whether your goal is to drive performance or achieve compliance with frameworks or corporate policies, you need an effective mechanism to identify skill gaps, administer training, and measure effectiveness. TeamNote’s Training Management solution enables you to access, track and report on employee’s training and certifications in one central and secure platform. Automate repetitive tasks and processes such as course communications, reminders, internal tasks and document generation to keep your training operation running smoothly.

centrali repository

Centralized Repository

Up-to-date and informative learning resources and materials can significantly increase employee achievement by providing immediate support to their learning. TeamNote consolidates disparate systems and keeps all your training data in one place. Organize everything your team needs including compliance, certifications,  related training resources and licensing data in a central repository, allowing employees immediate access to key resources from anytime and anywhere.


Reminders Notification

Employees are being informed of the latest course schedules, guidance, company activities and opportunities via automatic and real-time notification. Organizations can easily set up alerts and reminders for incomplete or overdue training modules, pending deadlines, and upcoming tasks and enrollments. Employees and administrators will never miss a beat in their learning program.

participation tracking

Participation Tracking

TeamNote can generate QR code for attendance registration. Easily register your employees’ presence by scanning QR-Code and record the attendance, effortlessly track and manage employees activities. By recording the attendance, you can see the involvement and contribution of each of the employees individually, and gain insight into your resources and capacity in the organization.

full visibility of progress

Full Visibility of Training Progress

TeamNote’s training management solution can create custom dashboards and reports that generate insightful information for timely and effective training. With the course overview, you can quickly discover how employees are progressing through their training, view course status or quiz performance to see who is excelling or needs support. Analyze the effectiveness of every module in your training catalog.

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